Why Sober Houses are Scarce in Suburbs like Arlington Heights

Sober living environments (SLEs) are facilities used by people recovering from substance abuse, which serve as an interim environment between a drug rehab Arlington Heights and their future lives. SLEs grew out of a need to have safe and supportive places in which people could live while they were in recovery.

Sober living homes and environments started in inner cities, and they stayed there.  Since the turn of the century even though more and more drug abuse and addiction began to occur in and around the greater Arlington Heights and Chicago suburbs and residential districts, sober living environments just stayed in the inner cities.  This has made a problem for the suburban drug problem.  Suburban drug problems have for some time made big problems all across the suburban areas, but as drug addiction goes this problem are really quite new to these areas.  It wasn’t really until the turn of the century that drug and alcohol abuse and addiction began to spread out into suburban areas.

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Establishing sober living houses and a drug rehab centers Chicago program in suburban area is quite behind the times.  This has made addressing the suburban drug addiction crisis even more difficult when there are little to no places to send those addicted that is also nearby.

Why it is So Important to Establish Sober Living in and Around the Arlington Heights Suburban Area

Drug addiction and substance abuse has all but taken over in the greater Chicago area.  It’s a big problem in the entire nation too.  For example:

  • When it comes to addiction, the critical aspect of the problem is with how quickly it spreads. Especially with young adults, addiction is so much a matter of peer pressure. Studies show that more than half of the time with individuals under the age of 25, the reason why they turn to drugs and alcohol isn’t because of personal life issues or problems like it is with adults, it is more because they were pressured to do so by their friends. This is why addiction has spread so much lately with young adults. The more young adults there are using drugs and alcohol, the more individuals exist who will push the drugs on to others who will then do the same in turn.

This is the epitome of addiction in Arlington Heights; more and more young adults are abusing drugs and alcohol left and right. That is why the state of Illinois is trying to implement different drug rehab Chicago centers in the area for individuals who need extra help with their addiction. Truthfully, these young adults in the suburban areas need the types of services that are offered in the inner city if there is any hope for them getting off of drugs and alcohol.

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